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Meet the Girl Behind the Lens

Hannah Hutson is a photographer, a videographer, visual content creator, and an expert in the field of taco consumption. “My success is only measured by how many people I have helped become successful.” I have heard her say this more than once, usually followed by “Grab me a Red Bull when you stop at the store.”

In 2015 she started making a few graphics for churches and small businesses. That quickly turned into product photography and videography. Luckily I have been able to tag along one of the most talented artists I have ever known.

Her vision for dramatic photos and sports portraits gives me chills. She says I just get cold easily. From product photography to album covers every project is researched and executed with creative intensity. Meanwhile I am usually dancing around in a circle like a buffoon to some song we got blaring during the setup.

She strives on creating an experience with clients, not just a finished product. “I want them to be comfortable, not just comfortable... I want them to have fun.” With this quote being stamped in the visual process a unique involvement is established with each project. Attention to detail and a sharp imagination are just a sample of the tools she has acquired. Her dedication to these principles have been the cornerstone for local small business growth and stand alone portraits distinctive to each individual. And after the dust settles.... TACOS!!!!


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