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What's in my Gear Bag?

Starting off with the camera bodies. First up we have the Canon 80d-great camera if you’re wanting to get started in both photography and videography. Next, I recently got the Canon EOS R and so far I love it! It was a slight learning curve going from DSLR to mirrorless, but this is a beast of a camera!

Moving on to the lenses. If you are wanting to dabble in photography and want something other than the kit lens, the canon 50mm 1.8, also know as the “nifty fifty”, is a must have. I use this lens all the time, and you can pick one up, new, for $125! My other go to lens is the sigma art 18-35mm 1.8. This is a great wide angle lens and Sigma lenses are a great and more affordable than Canon’s pro line.

Let me tell y’all about this drone. I bought the DJI Mavic Mini and had it sit on a shelf for probably a good two months because I was too big of a chicken to fly it. I finally got it out and it was sooo much easier to fly than I ever imagined! Seriously, if you’re in the market for a beginner drone, I 100% recommend this one.

Gaff tape- you never know when you’ll need it and can never have too much of it!

So arguably the two most important things in my gear bag:

Redbull- preferably the tropical flavor, but the others will do. My mother would highly disagree with this essential item…sorry mom.

Post shoot tacos! I recommend the tacos at Victor’s Taco Shop in Columbia, TN. They’re amazing. - Hannah


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